What All Employers Want: The Essential Qualities

At Logical Staffing Solutions we’re experts in recruiting for the transportation, logistics and manufacturing sector. We help place skilled and capable people like yourself in a diverse range of roles through detailed evaluation and analysis. However, outside of the nitty-gritty details, there is a set of characteristics that all our recruiters look for:

  1. Are you a Proactive Problem Solver?

Employers want a solution focused work force. They want individuals who not only highlight problems, but also be able to solve them. The best employees highlight issues while also suggesting the solution. This requires a certain level of confidence and out of the box proactive thinking.

  1. Are you Passionate?

Employers want employees to double as brand ambassadors. They are looking for people who are passionate about every aspect of the product or service. It’s important for employers to know that you are representing them with the highest regard both inside and outside of working hours.

  1. Are you Authentic?

Authenticity is just as important in work as it is for life in general. No one likes disingenuous people. Employers know they get the best out of people when they are able to be true reflections of themselves in the work place. They also want to be able to believe you when you say you can get a certain job done well.

  1. Are you a Team Player?

Employers want to hire people who are likable, and generally speaking at least able to get on with others in the workplace. There are no jobs that operate in total isolation 100% of the time. Employers don’t want to employ people who think they can run their own one-man show.

  1. Are you a Good communicator?

Employers love good communicators. Good communication means being able to explain well but also listen well. Employers want to deliver information once as well as receive information in easily understandable ways.

  1. Are you Flexible?

Employers need employees who aren’t afraid of ambiguity and are able to be flexible if the normal working structure has to change. A willingness to dive into new and even unfamiliar tasks as the need arises is a great employable quality.

  1. Are you committed?

Finally, employers want to know that you are committed to the job. They are unwilling to invest time and money in candidates who seem uncertain about working for them. They need to know you’ll turn up on-time to get the job done because you feel committed to your work.

All our recruiters will be looking for these essential qualities when reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates. If you’re currently looking for great employees, or you’re looking for a great job in the manufacturing, transportation or logistics industry get in touch with Logical Staffing Solutions today.

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