6 Great Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

At Logical Staffing Solutions, we know that truck drivers are an integral part of the Australian economy, ensuring precious cargo makes its way from the factory to the warehouse, from the storeroom to the shop window, from your favourite online retailer’s stockroom to your doorstep; it all came off the back of a truck at some point.

All the different stages of a product’s development depend on the timing of pickup and delivery, right up until the first model goes on display. As the Australian marketplace swells with products and services from all over the world and different ways to purchase them, technological advances are adding to what was already a lengthy list of benefits of being on the frontline of distribution and transportation.

1. Attractive pay rates

Depending on your experience, class of licence and employer, salaries for entry-level truck jobs in Melbourne generally start at around 35k a year and may fairly quickly reach the average truckie salary of 50k per annum once you get some experience under your belt and/or some further training. Senior truck driver salaries can reach up to $70,000 a year. Hourly rates generally range from approx. $20 – $30 per hour, with night shift often proving to be even more lucrative.

2. Flexibility

Get more quality time with the family or a couple extra nights out with your mates without missing one single shift. The flexible work hours associated with truck driving jobs, especially casual truck jobs in Melbourne, can provide a far better work-life balance than any nine to five grind with the same financial security and reliability.

3. Travel

You’ll be humming the tune to the Aussie classic “I’ve been everywhere man” as you travel the 4 corners of our great nation and see more in a year than many see in a lifetime while meeting lovable larrikins and making life long friends.

4. Versatility

Truck driving is a highly sought after skill that can provide you with great job opportunities in any city or state in Australia and even overseas.

5. Technological tools of the trade

Armed with a satnav and Google maps you can get to know anywhere like the back of your hand in no time, becoming a critical part of any industry in any region. These days there are loads of great apps like Truckie’s Mate which have been custom designed to make Aussie truck drivers’  lives easier while they are out on the road.

6. The Perks

With competitive wages, performance-based rewards and bonuses and internal promotions on offer at many companies – moving up the ranks and enjoying the perks of truckie life will be a walk in the park for a highly motivated individual who loves the truckin’ lifestyle.

Truck driving is not just another job but rather a career which offers continuous training and development that can lead to owning your own business, whether is it just your shiny rig or a whole fleet delivering nationwide. The beauty of truck driving jobs is that there are opportunities out there for newbies equipped with the appropriate licence but limited or no experience. Some employers will provide the training you need. For an individual that’s looking for more than just a pay check, truck driving could be ideal if you’re driven (pardon the pun) and a have strong work ethic.

If all of the above sounds like your perfect gig – career growth, flexibility, travel and the potential of being your own boss before retirement, get yourself behind a rig and browse through some of the best truck jobs in Melbourne on our website or speak directly to an experience Logical Staff Solutions Consultant today on (03) 9369 1977.

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